Egg Masses About the Spotted Lanternfly

The SPOTTED LANTERNFLY is a new invasive insect that has spread throughout southeastern Pennsylvania since its discovery in Berks County in 2014. It presents as a significant threat to Pennsylvania’s agriculture and tree population.

The Spotted Lanternfly overwinters in egg masses covered in a mud-like substance laid on smooth bark, stone, and other vertical surfaces. The first of four immature stages begin emerging in mid-May, and adults can be seen by the middle of July. It prefers the Tree-of-Heaven/Paradise Tree but are also seen feeding on other trees, including willows, maples, poplars, tulip poplars, birch, ash and others.

When there are only a few Spotted Lanternflies, you can kill them by swatting or crushing them. For large populations, two kinds of insecticides are available: 1) Contact kills the insects when the insecticide contacts it directly and 2) Systemic are absorbed by the tree and kills the insects feeding on it.

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Bye bye lanternfly

Adult Lanternfly
First & Second Instar