Mowing Service

A good quality cut makes all the difference. Bee-Lawn offers three different Lawn Care Plans and ways based on you and your property needs. Mowing, trimming ("weed-whacking") and cleaning ("blowing-off") walks is included in each plan. Whether to bag clippings or mulch clippings are optional services added to each Lawn Care Plan. Bee-Lawn technicians take pride in being reliable and courteous to our customers. Whether you suffer from allergies or a lack of free time, you'll wonder why you waited so long to contact Bee-Lawn.

The mowing season for Bee-Lawn begins early around April, and extends all the way into the end of November. On the average, a lawn is mowed 28-30 times a season.

Green Plan

  • Weekly Mowing
  • Power Trimming
  • Cleaning up walks and ways.

Greener Plan

  • Weekly Mowing
  • Power Trimming
  • Cleaning up walks and ways.
  • Bagging or mulching grass clippings in specified areas, i.e., pool, pet or play areas

Greenest Plan

  • Weekly Mowing
  • Power Trimming
  • Cleaning up walks and ways.
  • Bagging or mulching grass clippings in the entire lawn area

Lawn Care Programs

Our Specialized Technicians Help You Choose a Program that is Just Right for You. A lush, green, weed-free lawn is every prideful homeowner's dream. Bee-Lawn helps your dreams become a reality. Let us help you get started with one of Bee-Lawn's Fertilizer Programs.

BEE-Green Program

  • Spring Crabgrass Control
  • Late Spring Broadleaf Control and Fertilizer
  • Late Fall Fertilizer

BEE-Greener Program

  • Spring Crabgrass Prevention
  • Late Spring Broadleaf Control and Fertilizer
  • Early Fall Broadleaf Control and Fertilize
  • Late Fall Fertilizer

BEE-Greenest Program

  • Spring Crabgrass Control and Prevention
  • Early and Late Spring Broadleaf Control and Fertilizer
  • Summer Lawn Insect Control
  • Fall Broadleaf Control and Fertilize
  • Late Fall Fertilizer

BEE-Weed Free

  • Designed to control broadleaf weeds like dandelions, chickweed and violet. Two applications are recommended: Late Spring and early Fall.

BEE-Grub Free

  • Applied in Late Spring, the application provides season long protection against damaging lawn grubs.

BEE-Flea and Tick Free

  • Protect your outdoor living areas from these troublesome pests. Applications are started in mid-Spring and are repeated every 4 weeks until the Fall.

BEE-EcoFriendly Lawn Care Programs

  • Minimize the impact on the environment by controlling weeds and pests with a more ecofriendly approach. Also available are lawn applications using only natural organic based products.
  • Bees Love This Program!!

Crabgrass Control

  • Included in our BEE-GREEN, BEE-GREENER and BEE-GREENEST Programs
  • Applied early Spring: from mid-March through mid-April.
  • Crabgrass is a summer annual grass weed and killed by the first frost. To prevent Crabgrass we use a pre-emergence herbicide which stops the Crabgrass from germinating. This treatment is not effective once Crabgrass is visible in the lawn so it must be applied early.
  • Bee-Lawn's goal is to provide 100% control of crabgrass, but due to changing weather conditions and cultural practices 95% -100% control is obtained by this treatment.

Spring Weed Control and Fertilizer

  • Included in BEE-GREEN, BEE-GREENER and BEE-GREENEST Programs.
  • Applied in Spring: from mid-April through mid-June.
  • This treatment eliminates broadleaf weeds like dandelion, clover, plantain, ground ivy, wild onion and 120 other weeds. At the same time it feeds your lawn with a balanced fertilizer, giving it a rich green and lush appearance.

Lawn Insect Control

  • Included in BEE-GREENEST Program only.
  • Applied in Summer: from July-August.
  • Insects can cause a great deal of damage to your lawn. Bee-Lawn treats your lawn for a wide range of lawn-feeding insects. Such insects are: grubs, lawn moths, sod webworm, chinch bugs.

Fall Fertilizer

  • Included in BEE-GREEN program only.
  • Applied in late Summer: from late August-September.
  • In the summer your lawn under goes heat and drought stress. Bee-Lawn applies a fertilizer high in nitrogen and rich in potassium so your lawn is strong enough to survive and minimize the damage from these stressors. It also helps the lawn to recover from the stress it was under and fill in any thin areas that developed during the summer heat.

Fall Fertilizer and Weed Control

  • Included in BEE-GREENER and BEE-GREENEST programs.
  • Applied in late Summer: from late August-September.
  • In the summer your lawn undergoes great heat and drought stress. When the lawn starts to green-up again in late summer, Bee-Lawn applies a fertilizer high in nitrogen and rich in potassium. This helps the lawn to recover from the stress it was under and fill in any thin areas that developed during the summer heat.
  • We also apply another broadleaf weed control application continues to eliminate the unwanted weeds in your lawn.

Late Fall Fertilizer

  • Included in BEE-GREENER and BEE-GREENEST Programs.
  • Applied in late Fall: from late October-November.
  • Fertilizing in late Fall prepares the lawn for winter and encourages an early green-up in the following spring.

Special Lawn Treatments

Revitalize for a Thick, Lush, Green and Healthy Lawn. Did you know your lawn gets old? No need to worry because Bee-Lawn offers several Lawn Revitalization Services to repair damaged turf, increase the density (thickness) of your lawn and strengthen your lawn for beautiful aesthetics and your maximum enjoyment.

Over seeding

To thicken an existing lawn. We slit-seed into the lawn and introduce newer and better varieties of seed into the thinning or damaged turf. Bee-Lawn applies a starter fertilizer and uses only the highest quality seed available.

Core Aeration

To reduce soil compaction and increase the amount of air, water, and fertilizer available to the root zone. We remove small plugs of soil and then apply a balanced fertilizer. This is also an effective way to reduce the build-up of thatch in the lawn.

Lawn Renovation

To restore heavily weed-infected and undesirable grass-type lawns back to original health and beauty. We core-aerate your lawn, apply a starter fertilizer, and then slit-seed the lawn area.

Lime Application

To reduce soil acid add Lime which enables your lawn to better utilize the fertilizer and take up nutrients that occur naturally in your soil. Liming in conjunction with core aeration greatly increase the lime's effectiveness.

Tree & Shrub Care

Add beauty and value to your property. Protect your trees and shrubs and enhance their natural beauty and your landscape investment with our Shrub and Ornamental Tree Care Services.


Dormant Oil Spray

This safe, effective spray is the best way to control over-wintering insects in your landscape. Apply March or early April.

Soil Injection

Systemic season-long insect control for white birch, hemlocks and hollies. The controls are injected into the soil, absorbed by the root system, and carried throughout the plants. Apply in early Spring.

Disease Control

Controls disease that affect certain trees and shrubs in the landscape. Optimum disease control is achieved when the fungicide is applied in a regularly scheduled preventive program. Start early Spring.

Insect and Mite Control

A foliar spray controls the pests that can injure the trees and shrubs in your landscape. Applications can be made from late Spring through early Fall. Number of applications depends on the pest problems and the individual plants that are to Bee-protected.


Give your plants the nourishment and micro-nutrients needed for the upcoming growing season. Healthy plants are then able to resist disease and insects... and are vibrant and colorful. Apply product starting in mid-to late Spring.

Deep Root Feeding

Fertilizer is injected directly into the root zone of the deciduous trees and evergreens. This improves plant vigor by encouraging a healthier root system. Applications can be made early Spring or late Fall.

Flowerbed Maintenance

Let Bee-Lawn do the dirty work for you!

Weed Control

A safe and effective way to eliminate unwanted weeds from germinating in your landscape beds. Early Spring is the best time to start this service, with repeated applications throughout the Summer.

Mulching Service

Enhance the beauty of your landscape with a fresh layer of mulch. This helps retain soil moisture, reduces weeds, and makes your flower beds look Bee-utiful!!

Shrubbery Trimming

Maintain the natural form of your plants and enhance the manicured appearance of your shrubs. Trim anytime from mid-July until frost.

Spring & Fall Clean-up

Remove leaves from flower bed and lawn. Leaf clean-up can minimize insect infestation and lawn disease. We also make your property look Bee-utiful!

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